Why They Can’t Wait

30 years or so ago, I remember reading Martin Luther King’s tiny book, Why We Can’t Wait.  And it changed the way I think about change.

While some profound changes can be almost imperceptible (think frog in the kettle).  But for some opportunities, we simply cannot wait another decade (or century!) before acting.

When it comes to young adult ministry in the church, we don’t have time to let things sort their way out.

How many times have we heard the staggering news that the “nones” have become the fastest growing religious movement for young adults in our time?

And do we respond?

We say, “Now THAT’S a problem!” And then we waddle out of the church to business as usual in the church (Thanks to Soren for his unforgettable ducks-in-worship parable).

The old way—waiting until young adults are forty before they have earned the right to serve or make an impact on the direction of the church—those days are gone.

These are young adults who will make an impact, and they will do it with or without the church.

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