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08 toronto picI am the founder of MINISTRY ARCHITECTS (2002), a consulting team that moves churches “beyond stuck” and strategically forward.  Having worked with over 500 churches, Ministry Architects has helped build sustainable ministries for youth, children, families and young adults, as well as providing strategic coaching for entire churches and their senior leadership.

I served as the Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee for 28 years. Though I resigned my position as youth pastor in 2014, after a year away, I plan to return to First Presbyterian as a volunteer associate pastor.

I am a graduate of Baylor University and Princeton Theological Seminary and the author of several books, including Family-Based Youth MinistrySustainable Youth Ministry, and The Most Important Year of a Man’s/Woman’s Life and the Indispensable Youth Pastor, which I co-authored with Jeff Dunn-Rankin.

08 listeningAlong with my good friend Deech Kirk, I was privileged to be a co-founder of the Center for Youth Ministry Training, a three-year residential, masters-level, youth ministry training program based in Nashville, in partnership with Memphis Theological Seminary. I also serve on the Alumni Executive Council for Princeton Theological Seminary.

I get the joy of being a speaker, trainer, and presenter to youth workers, church leaders, and parents all around the world. I have a special place in my heart for east Africa and Northern Ireland. A few times a year, I get to present for HomeWord’s “Understanding Your Teenager” seminars. And I have enjoyed getting to train youth leaders regularly at the Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention and the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.

08 LaughingMy latest dream is called the Joseph Project, a social entrepreneurial venture designed to produce alternative ways of funding youth ministry in the future, particularly in a few decades when the years of financial famine come in full force (think Joseph’s dream of the fat cow and skinny cows)

I live in Nashville with Susan, my wife of over 30 years, and we have three grown children: Adam and his wife, Sara, Debbie and her husband, Trey, and Leigh. We have three wonderful grandchildren, Parish, Nealy and Liam.

For information about scheduling an event or consultation, please contact:

Colyer Robison
Phone/Fax (877) 462-5718

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