A young man approached me after a seminar recently with a question.  “How can I get into coaching like you’re doing?” he asked.  “…you know, ministry coaching, life coaching, that sort of thing?”

I responded the way I almost always do:

“Tell me about the coaches you have in your life right now.” 


Very long pause.

A very familiar, very long pause.

If you are a consultant or coach (or want to be one), let me be direct.  If you don’t have and use coaches and consultants yourself, you are (dare I say it?)…a hypocrite.  If you want a job as a consultant but don’t believe in the consulting/coaching process to have one yourself, you might as well do something that has more integrity.

If you want to be a consultant or coach, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Find yourself a coach (or 5) who can help you move in the direction of your dreams.  Once you’ve worked that process for a year or so and you have found it life-changing, then you’re ready to be a coach yourself.

I know.  Having a coach is not something normal people do.  It is not something weak people do to prop themselves up.  In my experience, having a coach is a peculiar practice of champions.

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