Getting to the Work That You Love

Why not?

Why not just do the work you love?

There are probably a lot of reasons you can’t make the wholesale shift today, not the least of which are the bills.  At the same time, I’m absolutely convinced that both these things are true:

  • We can do the work we love. In fact, if we make some fundamentally different decisions today (and for lots of today’s afterwards), we can spend exponentially more hours doing the work we love as we get older.
  • Starting out, we probably can’t quit our day job (Thanks Jon Acuff).

Let me say what you already know: What we do for a living is not our life.  It may just be the way we fund our lives for a time.

In the same way that parachurch workers might fund their ministries by doing fundraising (even though they hate fundraising), our current jobs can fund the work we love (even if, for a time, we find ourselves in a job we don’t love).

Ultimately, we may or may not get paid for the work we love, but we can organize the business side of our lives in such a way that, ten years from now, if not before, our time is astoundingly free to actually do the work we love.

Sadly, too many of us get stuck along the way.

This reality is the heartbeat behind the Ministry Incubators (  In March of 2015, my friend Kenda Dean and I will be leading our next “hatchathon,” a 46-hour intensive for folks who’d like to  leap frog toward their missional-enterprise dream.

For application information, Click here!

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